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If you are a parent or teacher who is helping us populate our video timeline, welcome! You can upload videos by using the widget on the right.

Please make sure you give us your child's name and their school so we know who you are! We cannot use your video unless you have filled out a permission form, so any video that we receive without the information about which kids are in it, we will delete.

Nobody will be able to see or use the videos you upload except for the One Boy's Day and Krannert Center production team.

A co-production between FuturePerfect Productions and the University of Illinois, this immersive multi-media playground and music concert will precisely follow the day-long observations made by Barker and his associates from their 1951 sociological study.

We are working closely with teachers, students, and parents to develop curriculum, devise activities, produce video, and rehearse sequences that will eventually make their way to the final production. In this way students and teachers become co-authors and take artistic ownership over a large-scale theatrical work, exploring alternate realities of how life might be.

Created by Mikel Rouse

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