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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

[Media Designer]

By Simon Stephens

Based on the Novel by Mark Haddon

Director: Latrelle Bright

Scenic Design: Yvonne Tessman 

Lighting Design: Stuart Wilson

Costume Design: Rae Melnik

Sound Design: Luke Parker

The director of this production brought the design team a strong concept that centered around the main character of Christopher and how this story only exists because he has written his book. She noted that people on the Autism spectrum, particularly boys, tend to be portrayed as though they are computer-like, and our production focused on Christopher's humanity and identity as a  teenager. The media design was intended to show locations as though Christopher had drawn every place in his book, measuring distances between furniture and drawing blueprints in his head - and as he leaves Swindon and enters new locations, the drawings get less detailed and begin to animate drawing themselves over and over (a stimming activity) as Christopher tries to regain control.

Curious Incident Animations
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