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This is an exploration of my aesthetic as a video artist, and will likely be the beginning of a series of work intended eventually to be viewed as an installation. I intentionally over-exposed the footage during filming and spent significant time during the editing process adjusting color levels and investigating how scraps of footage took on new meaning in the context of the coincident footage. 

Everything is Fine

This video was created for a screendance class and the parameters were to include continuous editing so that the timeline of movement remains constant as you switch from one camera angle to another. Filmed during a difficult part of the semester, the subject matter focuses on exhaustion and depression. 

My Daily Journey

A class project, shot entirely on my iPhone and edited with Adobe Premiere.

Animation Project

A class project, drawn in Adobe Illustrator based on my Bitmoji. Animated in After Effects using parenting and position/rotation keyframes. I animated the winking by time remapping a composition that held different versions of the eye.

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